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Call intercept

Not sure if this is the right forum. Didn't appear one to fit my question. 

I recently upgraded (allegedly!) to full fibre/digital broadband...whatever all that means. 

Prior to this I had a perfectly good landline handset(s) from BT that intercepted all calls and only allowed pre designated calls through without  intercept and which gave me the choice to accept the calls or not.

Having been on the phone to the sales lady at BT for an hour and a half, she had persuaded me to go to full fibre . (All I'd wanted to do was discontinue the BT Sport package !) She had also assured me that my landline security would be upheld.

But as a result whilst the phone handsets were replaced they do not have the functionality of having the calls intercepted. 

In fact all I can do is be reactive..and block the call whilst the call is in progress or once cleared down, send it to a blocked list. And for what it's worth a totally useless form of block as the spammers simply call from a different number.

This is so frustrating and such a downgrade on what I had before.  

I have now gone from zero spam calls, to several, daily.

One would have thought digital technology would have given me more options,  not a  reduced package.

And on another point I still have to pay for any outgoing calls...I thought VOIP would have given me free calls ?!

Can anyone advise if there is a call intercept facility available on VOIP calls and how I can get it .

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Call intercept


You need to continue using your old phone handsets by plugging them into the phone socket on the back of the Smart Hub 2, they will then continue to work as they did before. You also need to make sure that caller display is active on your account.

The BT supplied handsets do not have a call blocking (intercept) feature. I assume you mean an "announce" mode.

BT Digital Voice calls are charged the same as normal phone calls.

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Re: Call intercept

Many thanks for the prompt reply Keith

Why on earth did no one tell me...e.g the engineer that came to fit the damn thing ?!

They want to the recycling tip a couple of weeks ago.


So I suppose I have to buy another set ?


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Re: Call intercept


That is very unfortunate.

No form of network based blocking is ever going to stop spam callers, as they change their numbers all the time.

I have a couple of BT4600 phones, and they block 100% of spam calls, as they are generated by a computer and never announce themselves. People whose number is stored in the phone, always get through.


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