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Cant Recieve calls to landline digital voice

Hope someone can help.

Ported number from virgin starting process around 2/8/22.

Had issues with this and number porting failed at least 3 times. Called about this issue many times now and finally got someone in technical help to agree that there is a fault somewhere in the system stopping me from recieving calls.

I can call anyone with landline but no one can call me apart from my wife who is with EE.

Openreach informed me that the fault is now fixed and number porting issue has been resolved but clearly its not so called back to tech help and they have passed it back to openreach to try again.  I am really getting tired of this whole process, the phone number has been with me for many years and I do not wish to lose it but  i cant keep waiting on this being resolved.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Cant Recieve calls to landline digital voice

Was your phone number initially issued by virgin or BT Retail or some other ISP?

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Re: Cant Recieve calls to landline digital voice

Openreach won't deal with a Digital Voice fault, the DV service isn't an Openreach product like FVA or PSTN.
It sounds like a porting issues, if so you'll find that EE/BT and Plusnet numbers can contact you, other networks no.

If that is the case, get in touch with BT and they can see where the porting failed, it could just be a setup issue or maybe the number never ported properly.

You might also be asked for call logs, so it's worth getting them in advance to speed things up, log outbound calls by the number you called and the time/date, then what error you heard.
Do the same with inbound calls, ask 2 or 3 friends to try ringing you, then log the number they called from, the time/date, any error and what network they called from.

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Re: Cant Recieve calls to landline digital voice

Thanks for your reply.

 Umber was initially with virgin and had it for a good few years.

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