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Dect repeater

Essential Digital Home Phone DECT

BT have just transferred my landline to Digital service via a Smart Hub2.

I have two Essential Digital Home Phones which are stated to be DECT.

Due to the position of my SmartHub 2 (moving is not practical) the signal does nor cover the house due to thick walls.

DECT repeaters exist (BT have one) but there are questions of compatibility with many  DECT Repeaters.

Is there DECR repeater that is compatible with Essential Digital Home Phone? Or Alexa smart phone? Or smart hub 2 ? The existing Panasonic analog hands free phones work but the BT digital keep saying out of range, so what’s a guy to do?

Thanks Nick MOULSDALE 

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Re: Dect repeater

what about a DV adapter from BT which connect to power socket and enables you to connect your existing panasonic to adapter which may give you better coverage in your home

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Re: Dect repeater

Thank you. But I’ve done that. But what’s the point of voice digital if it’s worse than analog? Surely BT has a compatible DECT repeater ? The BT repeater SHOULD work surely?


I want a coherent digital voice system not a mongrel. 

Are you seriously telling me that BT designed an incompatible system which has less range than an analog system to be the 21st century replacement? You couldn’t invent this stuff. 

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Re: Dect repeater

So BT have no reply to help ppl like me who need a DECT repeater. Pathetic. So my BT digital phones are worthless! my digital voice is silent unless I use the analog converter. Progress ? NO ! 
And  BT’s own technical staff obviously don’t know! They’re sending me another BT DECT repeater which I’ll bet will not work with the 2 BT digital phones currently available. What a buggers muddle. 

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Re: Dect repeater

Why not buy it & return within 14 days if it doesn't work?

Probably not the answer you're looking for but it loks like a situation which doesn't occur that often so nobody has an answer for you just now by the looks of it

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