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Re: Digital Voice Hub Backup

As you mention above, I suspect that a large element of cross purposes have entered into this thread. You asked:

Hi - I have just read the FAQs on Digital Voice which says my contacts will be stored on the hub and not my handsets/base phone (I am doubtful of this but let's assume it's true).and that if the hub is replaced or reset I will lose my contacts. It says the contacts can be backed up to my PC. When I go to the hub manager and do the backup it seems to say I can select a file to store them in it doesn't let me do this and stores them in a file called hub.conf. It doesn't say where this is on the PC and when I try search it can't find the file. Can anyone advise a) whether I will lose the contacts from my handset and b) where is the backup, or how to change it to a destination of my choice.

Where the FAQ states:

Personalised data such as handset names, Speed Dial numbers, Ringtone choice and Contacts are all stored in the Hub rather than the handsets. A factory reset or change of hub will therefore result in the loss of this data. The contact list can be backed up by exporting the list to file on a PC. Other data is not backed up and will need to be re-entered.

It is referring to the use of the SH2 as a DECT hub with one or more satellite handsets (as supplied by BT in conjunction with the Digital Voice switchover). In this case, the SH2 is the DECT hub, the handsets are registered to that hub and the corresponding data is stored there. If you 'lose' the SH2, you 'lose' the DECT hub, your phone registrations and all the associated data.

The FAQ is also very clear that you can continue to use a pre-existing cordless phone base station (connected to the SH2) together with its satellite handsets. This will continue to function exactly as before. There is no Borgian or Dementor-like capability within the SH2 or Digital Voice to devour the data contained within your existing base station / DECT hub. (So, in that case you would be right to be sceptical.)

As mentioned elsewhere, there appears to be confusion over the term 'hub manager' - there being two 'hubs': the SH2 itself and the DECT hub within the SH2. You appear to be looking at the backup and restore facilities for the SH2 itself  (hub.conf) rather than the contacts list for its built-in DECT hub to found under Phone (contacts.vfc). Since you are not [yet] using the built-in DECT hub you won't [yet] care about the latter.

Either way, you access the SH2 management functions using a browser on your PC, tablet or 'phone. It is that browser's download functionality that is used to download hub.conf or conacts.vcf to your device and this works as defined for your browser. For me, I am using Chrome under Windows so a window opens  inviting me to change the default file name and specify a storage location. Other browsers may blindly store files in the default 'Download' location. But this behaviour is defined by your choice of browser. (If this aspect is still causing an issue let the Community know what browser and OS you are using.)

HTH (and sorry if this response is already redundant  😉 )


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Re: Digital Voice Hub Backup

Hi Thanks for the clarification.






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Re: Digital Voice Hub Backup

Thanks. Actually I misunderstood the FAQs. I have a conventional set of phones plugged in tater than a Dect phone so there no need to back up the hub to ensure contacts are saved. They will still be in the phones as I thought.

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