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Digital Voice - incoming calls from non BT networks "unable to connect" since switchover

We were switched to Digital Voice last Friday (20th August) as part of renewing our Broadband contract with BT.  The old landline dial tone disappeared during the afternoon so, as instructed, I plugged our phone into the Router and the dial tone came back and all seemed well.  Outgoing calls worked fine with our old phone number showing on Caller ID at the receiving end.  Then, over the weekend, we realised that calls from O2 and Vodafone mobiles weren't coming through and just report unable to connect to callers.  Someone calling from a BT landline could get through though.

I left it over last weekend in case the issue resolved itself but it didn't so I called the BT FTTP number as suggested on the forum rather than the main CS.  On this first call I was told that the order to change us over to Digital Voice hadn't been marked as completed and once this was done everything would be fine.  The order was then marked as completed later that day but this made no difference.  I also rebooted the router just in case that cleared things but still no incoming calls.

I made the second call to the BT FTTP number on Tuesday - lots of holding whilst the person tried to figure it out and I was then told that whilst he could see the broadband was active and the order completed by OpenReach, on the BT side my number was shown as having "no active services"?!  (This is despite showing broadband and digital voice and allowing me to turn on/off DV additional services eg voicemail etc.) This apparently needed investigating by OpenReach which would take 3 days.  I queried why OpenReach would be able to do anything since Broadband was working fine as was the outgoing DV so surely they would just report that everything was working fine from their end.  Also the CS agent was saying it was BT systems that were reporting "no active services" so I suggested that it would appear to be a BT not OpenReach issue?  The CS agent said it was definitely OpenReach that needed to address things.
Overnight last night (26th) some of my smart home devices reported going offline around midnight and I then received a text this morning saying the fault should be fixed so I believe our Broadband was briefly reset or reconnected last night by Openreach.  I confirmed this morning the fault was still there ie no incoming DV calls from mobiles (that included after rebooting the router).

I made a further call to BT FTTP who couldn't see anything wrong from their end - the operator said she didn't understand the point on BT systems saying "no active services" (that I had been told on Tuesday) as she could see everything and there were no faults being reported when she ran checks.  The next stage was for me to have a "Home setup engineer" (a BT person not Openreach) come out next Wednesday to make sure I have set everything up correctly and not activated any call blocks etc?!  I appreciate this is probably part of protocol and BT can't make any assumptions about customer competence but everything is plugged in correctly, I have been online and deactivated voicemail etc - I can make outgoing DV calls and the broadband works but I can't get incoming calls other than from BT landlines.  Other than being able to hear the recorded message when I try to ring my home number I'm not sure what someone from BT coming to the premises is going to be able to do?

Are any mods maybe able to help me address this?  From the forums it appears that these sort of issues are not new issues?

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Re: Digital Voice - incoming calls from non BT networks "unable to connect" since switchover

Hi @jyloox,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the Community. I'm sorry you're having problems with the Digital Voice service not receiving all calls. It sounds like part of the migration to Digital Voice hasn't been completed correctly. If you send me your details, I'll be able to get this investigated. 

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact the team.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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Re: Digital Voice - incoming calls from non BT networks "unable to connect" since switchov

Thanks. I've responded to the PM.

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