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Digital Voice - make sure to back up your Contacts regularly...

I recently had a service visit that taught me a valuable lesson about BT Digital Voice and the handsets, I thought I'd share it here...

I learnt that all the data relating to personalised settings and contacts:

Handset names

Speeddial numbers

ringtones choices

and in particular your Contacts...


- are all stored, not in the handsets but in the associated router  - so data and settings automatically update to each seperate handset without the need to manually transfer handset to handset.


And that, should you need to replace or perform a factory reset that router, all those settings and your Contacts are lost.

When the handsets reconnect they are "out of the box" reset and you need to register all handsets to the router again, setting up handset names etc from scratch.

All Contacts are lost - however if you follow this advice, before that replacement or factory reset, all will not be lost and the Contacts recovered.


Enter your Router Hub Admin - type into your PC browser, enter the Admin Password on your router if required.

Open the Phone tile and select the Contacts Tab where you can use the Export option to create a back up file of your Contacts - I created a "Digital Voice" folder in my PC Documents folder to save the file to.

If you have to replace or perform a factory reset on the router return to the same tile in Router Admin to recover your Contacts file.

You will have to reset all other settings such as Handset names, speed dials, ring tone options etc still, but your precious Contacts will be secure.

I have set up a Calendar memo on a three monthly basis reminding myself to update that backup file regularly so recent changes to Contacts are backup and preserved.


Happy updating...



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Re: Digital Voice - make sure to back up your Contacts regularly...

been covered before but nonetheless good post

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