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Digital voice and power cuts

This is what is says on the Ofcom website: (😞

If you rely on your landline - for example, you don’t have a mobile phone, you’re unable to use a mobile phone  or you don’t have mobile signal inside your home - your provider must make sure you are able to contact the emergency services during a power cut. This could be in the form of battery back-up so your landline will continue to work, or giving you a basic mobile phone to use in this situation.

We don't have a mobile signal anywhere near the house but I've got nowhere trying to get any sort of solution (eg an uninterruptible power supply) from BT. 

I've now raised a complaint with Ofcom and would encourage others to do the same.

I must admit I can't understand why BT appear to be trying to kill off landlines when it must still be a significant and profitable part of their business!


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Re: Digital voice and power cuts

It is not BT RETAIL who are terminating the old PSTN  but openreach. This is affecting other ISP and both SKY & TT have publicised their changes.

There numerous posts on this subject if you try using search facility


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Re: Digital voice and power cuts

I'm aware of that thanks, but BT is my provider so they are responsible for providing a solution so I can use a phone in a power cut - that is quite clear on the Ofcom page - and they aren't doing it.

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts

That is true, we have no contract, nor can we deal with Openreach directly so we can only deal with BT.
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Re: Digital voice and power cuts

Have you actually been switched over to the Digital Voice phone service?

If not, BT are pausing the change over as per this link.

We’re pausing our Digital Voice plans for Consumers, while we work on a more resilient rollout (bt.c...

See links about why there is going to be a change over through out the UK for all providers.

Retiring the copper network (

The UK’s PSTN network will switch off in 2025 | BT Business

Digital Voice and the landline phone switch-off: what it means for you - Which?

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts

Yes, we have been switched to DV and have had power cuts!

But many thanks for the link to the press release - I hadn't seen that and am pleased to see that BT realise there's a problem. Maybe that message will get through to the support staff one day.


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Re: Digital voice and power cuts

I assume you are applying similar pressure on the power company to resolve the cause of the power cuts.

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts

If you suffer from frequent power cuts what action is your power company taking to resolve that problem?

Have you and as many of you neighbours who suffer from the power cuts considered complaining to the power companies involved and to Ofgem.

Meanwhile while I agree that BT should supply a BBU but as you have found out BT do not routinely supply a battery backup. While you should not have to pay for one but if it is of concern you could consider purchasing one such as this

 Battery Back Up 

There are other Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) units available at various price points.

You should be aware that any of the cheaper BBU/UPS units will only supply power for a short period of time ranging from a few minutes to an hour or two.   


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Re: Digital voice and power cuts

Ofcom requires that folks in your situation and ours are given a means of communication ie a BBU which allows at least a short connection period to alert folks or cover frequent but short power cuts. Press the point. Mention Ofcom and I was granted a BBU by purchasing from BT shop and then receiving a credit on my bill.
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