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Full Fibre - IP Phones?

Just had full fibre installed with the free handsets.
I made it clear to sales we had a Meridian system installed in the house, they said it wouldn't be a problem.
Obviously, it was a problem - it no longer works. I've resigned to the idea we had a lot of expensive scrap in the house.

The main problem now is, how do I add IP phones to the house's wired cat5 network? Is there a configuration I can see to make Grandstream / Panasonic / etc IP phones to work with this bt Full Fibre?

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Re: Full Fibre - IP Phones?

Simply use a double ended phone cord  to connect the green socket at the rear of the hub to the master socket and all will be as it was before if you wish to keep the Meridian. Disconnect the now redundant incoming copper wires on the master socket first.

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Re: Full Fibre - IP Phones?

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the Meridian is in the garage on the other side of the house and the fibre comes in by the front door.  I could run a cable round but I believe we'll be out the house in 6months and too busy to justify the time.

At this point I'd rather just add IP phones to the network so would like some way of configuring the cat5 IP phones I already have.

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Re: Full Fibre - IP Phones?

Use a BT Digital Voice Adapter in the garage, and plug the phone system into that.

That extends the DECT signal from the Smart Hub 2, to a suitable location.

BT Digital Voice does not support IP phones unless you are using a third party VOIP provider.

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Re: Full Fibre - IP Phones?

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the recommendation, I didn't know that adapter existed! Very useful.

Shame about the voip phones, thanks again for the info - you've saved hours of googling!

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Re: Full Fibre - IP Phones?

The adapter has a two wire presentation, so if your phone system requires the third "ring" wire, then plugging a microfilter in between the adapter and your phone system, will present the third wire, as it has components inside including the required capacitor. Without that addition, your phones will not ring to an incoming call.

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