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Handset 4600 incoming calls

Hi , recently bought two handset 4600 to replace a previous and similar model that was playing up and just old I thought . Now this new handset is playing up to in that you can’t answer incoming calls . Was getting lcd display saying “no base link check base” and “searching for base” . Contacted BT and said I should Register the handsets to the base which I did . Now getting “line in use call cannot be made” when calling the handset from my mobile and pressing the green phone button  and “near edge of range” when I’m only 5ft away from the base . 

Got my my network provider to check the landline which they say is ok (though to be sure they said take off the front test plate and attach a filter instead with putting in the phone line and broadband) . Not sure what else to do - help ! 

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Re: Handset 4600 incoming calls

Are these the same issues you had with the previous phones?

If you had range issues previously as well then you may have a localised source of 2.4GHz interference. If possible, I'd try them at another location such as a friend or family member's house. If they still have issues then they're faulty. Could just be the batteries are on their last legs. You can prove that by trying them with regular AAA batteries, but don't put them on the charging base with these installed.

Do the phones ring when you call from your mobile?

If not, did you use the new telephone cable that came with them rather than re-use the old one?

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