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Re: Just a rant about DV


Ex Bt + 1936 Riley Monaco? My maths could well be a bit out but does that equal Stone / Yarnfield ?

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Re: Just a rant about DV

@Les-Gibson  There is nothing wrong with your maths, I spent a lot of time there, the drinks were cheap and Newcasle brown vicious, I may even have learnt something. I used my 2.5 Litre Riley I don't think the Monaco would have made it.


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Re: Just a rant about DV

I think my DV line quality is fantastic with the Advanced telephones. I had a 'rattle' for the previous 20 years which was never resolved.

Most of what you say is correct but it's not like it's the end of the world.

One bad thing about DV is of course if there's no FTTP then there's no telephone service. I had no service yesterday for 3 or 4 minutes this is the 6 or 7th time I've had loss of service so it looks like it's the norm.

VDSL and previous flavours was the Internet bolted on to a call service and FTTP and similar is the opposite.

I'm sorry the old service is going is was evidently VASTLY more reliable for call service but I don't use candles either to light my home.

They're still handy to have in a drawer.

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Re: Just a rant about DV

Candles ? Where have you been living for the last 20 years, have you not heard of solar lights? (Just kidding)

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Re: Just a rant about DV

We find high quality calls with BT Advanced digital phone with Alexa on Digital Voice a great improvement in both quality and clarity. Love it infact. 

By the way we are on GFast on Fibre to the cabinet 

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Re: Just a rant about DV

Just an update, while I still think the change over was badly managed everything is now sorted out, well done BT.

My broadband speed dropped below the guaranteed minimum, I thought it was a coincidence or local heavy usage, however BT came out to look at it and check. The engineer agreed it had been incorrectly wired and thought that was the cause of the speed loss and said he would get someone to sort it out. He also supplied an additional "Black disc" to give me better WiFi coverage although I had not noticed any problems with the coverage.

To my surprise a BT engineer (not Openreach) came out the next day and rewired it correctly and because I had no phone near my hub supplied two DV phones all free of charge.

None of this cured the broadband speed problem but changing smarthub2 did.

So all's well that ends well.

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Re: Just a rant about DV


I would argue and say there should be an advantage for the consumer. BT say themselves that they are there to provide a service, a service that people pay for. Surely they should consider their customers and realise not everyone wants DV.

I don't like digital voice, but I appreciate that some people like it and may want it. It would be better if they gave people the option, or tried to move people over, but let people argue against the decision.

This would reduce the stress on the old system, and would keep everyone happy.


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Re: Just a rant about DV

@rsmyth492 wrote:
This would reduce the stress on the old system, and would keep everyone happy.

Not if their charges reflected the soaring cost of maintaining an obsolescent system just to provide them with, in effect, a personalised service. 

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Re: Just a rant about DV

I am more concerned about those with alarms etc that depend on a wired network it is certainly in the 10s of thousands according to Ofcom who are worried about what the telecom providers are going to do for them given the shortness of notice. Also how BT and other providers have identified vulnerable people who need a phone if there is mains failure for example providing them with a basic mobile phone or battery back up, little progress seems to have been made in this area.

BT's response seems to be they can contact BT and arrange for the change over to be delayed I am not sure how this will help particularly as some people only had a couple of days notice and did not realise the implications.

I wonder what action Ofcom will take apart from being concerned.

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Re: Just a rant about DV

The alarm companies have known about the migration for years, but have buried their heads in the sand rather than be pro-active and be ahead of the game.

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