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Landline won’t ring unless answer phone is also plugged in

Hi there,

We've discovered a relatively new quirk with our landline lately; the primary phone won’t audibly ring unless the answer phone is also plugged in.

We have a second phone in the kitchen that rings loudly no matter what, but the primary phone in the living room stops ringing when the answer phone isn’t plugged in. It can still receive calls, if we hear the kitchen phone ringing and pick up the living room phone, the call goes through like normal but it just doesn’t ring.

Theres no audible change from a caller perspective when I tried calling from my mobile to double check, so I’m not sure what could be causing this.

The model of the primary phone is a BT Decor 2500.

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Re: Landline won’t ring unless answer phone is also plugged in

have you tried changing the phone to another known working socket to see if it will ring?  have you tried using a filter in the socket and connecting the phone to the filter?

I have assumed you don't have digital voice

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