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Moving to EE from BT keep number

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I am presently a BT landline and Broadband customer and an EE mobile customer. I am moving to EE broadband and TV and have been told I can't have a landline as they are all going digital. On talking to BT I am told I will lose my landline number. In fact I received a text from BT saying another customer wants my number when the switch occurs. I have hundreds of contacts who know that number and I want to keep it. The BT advisor said there is a process of asking for a renumber but really did not say how I go about it except I should ring EE. Help

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Re: Moving to EE from BT keep number

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Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

As you are moving to EE, the text is just telling you that another provider wants to takeover your service, which would be EE. Nobody wants your number, but if you want to keep it, then you will have to ask EE for a renumber, once your new service is active on your EE digital voice service.

This would be a new number to start with.

EE have their own forum

Ask there once you are with them.

There are no more analogue PSTN lines.



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