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Noisy phone line

Suddenly I have loads of crackles on my phone indicative of a high resistance joint or possibly water ingress. It tends to clear if I lift the phone off hook for a minute or so. Of course the broadband cuts out...

I raised a fault report through 151 but despite stressing it was crackles on the phone (but totally silent when I was speaking to the chap) they sent out a broadband engineer rather than a line engineer. He did nothing apart from checking my broadband. He couldn't access any fault data on the hub as I had only put that back the day before, I normally use my Billion router. Broadband connected at its usual 40Mbs and when he did a quiet line test it was perfectly quiet. Nice chap but even though I explained the situation he did not even check any joints on the cables in the outside box and signed the job off as cured.

In occasional chats to the Openreach chaps when I have passed them it seems there are big issues with our local cables so this is just another to add to the list.

I obviously need to phone them again but what is the best way of getting the right chap out who knows where to look? HR joints obviously are a tricky thing to fix when they are intermittent but the fault is very real and certainly not cured...

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Re: Noisy phone line

Don't mention broadband, just insist it is a phone fault.