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PFsense getting digital voice to work?

im wondering if someone be able to help me try get digital voice to work on a pfsense setup,


ont (opensense modern) to the pfsense  (lan from pfsense) into the back of the bt hub) 

Bt hub firewall dhcp disable and firewall disabled due to pfsense is doing the job, i got internet connection that completely fine and abit better speeds also,


however sadly im not got the digital voice to work? not sure if anyone with pfsense experince / digital voice manage to get theirs to work?


i was thinking of putting bt hub allow the digital phone to connect ,) then to pfsense then out however that would be two bt hubs in the setup,



i not sure how people got theirs to work but any help would mean alot, the internet is fine it says on the phone their no connection but their internet xd due to alexa and computers ect got connection

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Re: PFsense getting digital voice to work?


This has already been discussed many times before.

BT Digital Voice will only work if the BT Smart Hub 2 is directly connected to the modem, there is no other option.

The Smart Hub 2 creates a secure protected path back to the core phone network which guarantees that call originates from that customer`s home hub.

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Re: PFsense getting digital voice to work?

ah okay


so basicly just connect the phone to bt smart hub 2, then from bt smart hub 2  - goes to pfsense ? then out to the rest of the network and just have the phone just on the bt smart hub 2 on it own?

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Re: PFsense getting digital voice to work?

Yes, you can do that, but you will likely end up with two separate IP subnets if you are double routing.

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