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Reinstate a deactivated number

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In September an email arrived with package offers to save money on my broadband, which I agreed to do. There was no mention that if I switched  it will affect my landline. If this was brought to my attention I would have never had made the switch across.

We had this number for 20 years, we run a business from this line for 15 years. All our customers have this line as well as the vans are sign written etc.

We noticed after a month that we had an issue with our landline, which coincided with the switch 

As soon as this was brought to my attention I urgently requested to have the number reinstated and was told the quickest way was to switch to Digital Voice and I can choose the number. So I did this. And also offered to move across to a business line.

I now have been told that the number has been deceased and no longer available, as it’s been a month and the computer cannot allocate the number.

I need this to be resolved and I need this number reinstated.

Please can you provide me with a solution to this problem. 

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Re: Reinstate a deactivated number

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Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum

As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at

Business users can transfer their number using the Cloud Voice service, which means they still keep the same advertised number. This should enable you to keep your number. You need to speak to BT Business sales and ask them about your number.

"Take your phone number with you

With our cloud-based systems, you can take your number with you wherever you go.

But if you’re just moving phone lines or a traditional phone system, you can only take your number if you’re moving in the same telephone exchange area."

You are not allowed to use a residential line for business use.

This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators.

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