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Retrieving an old BT number, less than 28 days after disconnection

Hi all. I had broadband installed by another provider whilst I was overseas and some people messaged me a few days later saying that the landline was dead. I assumed it was not connected. When I got back I found out that a new number was provided. When I called them to ask for the old number they said it was returned to BT. Is it possible to get the old number back? I don't know how to tell my 88 year mother that the number she had for at least 60 years has been changed. The cut-off occurred  June 29th.

@Keith_Beddoe , I know you have provided advise to similar queries. I wonder if you can provide some guidance, please.

Many thanks.

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Re: Retrieving an old BT number, less than 28 days after disconnection

Its a question for your new provider, although it’s true that ported number are returned to the original number range holder , if the provider who had ported it to themselves,  relinquishes it ( says ‘we don’t need this number anymore’ ) , unless you or your mother decide the number is so important that you sign up with BT again , then  BT have no involvement, and it’s the case , unfortunately, even if you returned to using BT there is no guarantee the number can be reallocated,

if the number was to remain ported the new provider is responsible for than , not the original number range holder , it sounds like they either don’t port numbers ( they don’t have to ) or they said they would but didn’t, the result is the same though .

Ofcom now requires numbers to be available for 30 days after cessation ( which is what the number effectively is ) , so in the past this window didn’t exist , but it still needs your new company to arrange it ,so there is a chance that your new ISP could retrospectively ask BT to port ( they ask , not you by asking BT ) , if they say No ( or lie and say it’s not possible as it’s too late  ) that’s between you and them ….sorry if that seems harsh , but if BT are not the supplier it’s really of no consequence to them your issues with your ISP

FWIW , if you never asked to retain the number, and assumed the number would be retained, that’s your error , if you requested they did retain the number , and they didn’t arrange it , that’s a criticism of the company you elected to use 

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Re: Retrieving an old BT number, less than 28 days after disconnection

Thank you for the quick response.
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