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SOGEA VRI front plate to enable extensions

Hi BT Community,

I am trying to find a specific NTE5C front plate for SOGEA services with VIR (Voice Re-Injection)

But i cannot find one on the web for love nor money, but i know they exist.


So a little background for context:

My parents have a farm / small holding with 4 phones in remote locations, Barn, end of the garden etc.

They have just been migrated over to the new digital services. The engineer from Openreach was less than helpful, he just cut all the ends off the old wiring, stuffed a new single socket NTE5C Master on the wall and grunted something about buying new digital walky talky phones and cleared off.

Essentially they are now on Fiber To The Cabinet  SOGEA (Single Order General Ethernet Access)

So no analogue phone signals on the line, only a single RJ11 socket on the back of their router.

Its not possible to cover such a large area with DECT phones or by using the BT wifi one voice hotspot things to run old analogue phones without installing a ton of new Cat5 cables and Access Points to stretch wifi all over the property at a small fortune.

I know from internal documents from BT that there is a dual port isolated front socket to allow use of extension wiring in a property, but it has to be a specific model to prevent upstream injection of voltages onto the BT infrastructure that can cause all-sorts of issues like galvanic corrosion etc.

So basically, you link the Master Socket broadband port to the router and then link the routers phone port to the green extensions port on the Master Socket. Simples ! Old wiring and analogue phones back in service.

Ok, i could do this with a seperate Master Socket connected just to the routers phone port, thus using the router as an isolated bridge, but I'd rather just use the proper NTE5C Front plate.

Can any one point me in the direction of where to buy a SOGEA 1B  or SOGEA 2B front plate. I have an item code of 095932 from a post on here but I cant find anywhere using that number to buy it from.

All help appreciated








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Re: SOGEA VRI front plate to enable extensions

You don't actually need one as there is a work-around for it.

See here: 

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