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Scam Call claiming to be BT

I’ve had a couple of calls from (fake) UK numbers claiming to be from BT and alerting to me to fraudulent access to my BT Broadband.  The twist is I simultaneously got a text from BT (genuine message) with the passcode for the 2 -stage authentication to my BT account.  I tried to play along with the second call to see what they were phishing for but she ended the call early.

I suspect the trick is to get you to share the passcode.  They must be triggering the request by trying to log in to my BT account using my email address.  So beware.

I wanted to check with BT they were aware of this but there doesn’t seem to be any mechanism beyond making a generic scam report which doesn’t ask for any details.

I will change the primary email address for accessing MyBT as it’s now linked to my landline number by the scammers to try and stop the calls

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