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Separate fibre broadband from VoIP

I have BT  fibre broadband and a VoIP phone from BT. Can I  separate the phone number from the  broadband service. Keeping fibre broadband but porting VoIP phone number so it can be directed to a mobile?   I’m trying to do is get rid of physical home phone but retain the number so elderly mother and few others can contact me wherever I happen to be. I know there are various companies who can provide the VoIP phone service for traditional wire phone connections. I just don’t know what is possible with a VoIP BT connection. Anyone know?

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Re: Separate fibre broadband from VoIP

Probably easier and cheaper to use a VOIP company, I have a number with Sipgate and divert calls on it. Its PAYG so only charge would be a diverted call. 

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Re: Separate fibre broadband from VoIP

I guess Virtuallandline is an option. The company you mention don’t offer free connections now. My question was really about ease of transferring a VoIP number to a third party provider. Sounds like the principle is fine

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Re: Separate fibre broadband from VoIP

You can port your BT number to a VOIP provider but remember it will terminate your existing BT contract which if in contract will incur cancellation fees. You may be able to start a new broadband only contract and negotiate the cancellation fee charges.  Remember you still need to pay for landline which is included in package cost so saving will be up to £5 pm

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Re: Separate fibre broadband from VoIP

If you have BT Digital Voice you can divert call to a mobile number for free.

All about Call Diversion for Digital Voice | BT Help

Instead of having a BT call package just get a Pay as You go package. In some instances, such as my own, this is free although some users have said they pay £5 a month for it.

EDIT: I should have said that the diverted calls are only free if it is to a BT mobile, BT Landlines or BT Digital Voice.

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Re: Separate fibre broadband from VoIP

I wondered about call diversion as on BT Digital Voice. However my mobile is not with BT. The details on this service are a bit unclear on BT pages which states “The Call Diversion service is free for Digital Voice customers.” but assume that means provision of service rather than the diversion to a third party which is  unfree. A bit confusing if you ask me.  Pity as this would be simple. 

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Re: Separate fibre broadband from VoIP

If the web page was clear it wouldn't be BT! They have a knack of always making things as clear as mud.

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