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Telephone line via Openreach Fibre Modem

What do I need to ask BT for if I want the TEL1 port enabled on the bottom of the fibre modem installed by Openreach? 


I don't use the BT modem or have a copper line so this looks like my only option.  I've tried plugging in an old analogue phone but I never pick up a dialtone. 

Is it BT/Openreach that need to enable something or do I need a different type of phone?

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Re: Telephone line via Openreach Fibre Modem


Its no longer possible to activate that port, as the FVA (Fibre Voice Access) network is being ceased, and customers are being moved over to BT Digital Voice, which requires the BT Smart Hub 2 to be connected to the modem.

A third party VOIP service may be your best option.


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Re: Telephone line via Openreach Fibre Modem

Thats a shame.  I guess I'll start looking for a VOIP solution then.

I guess it's possible to have my old land line ported over to it?

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Re: Telephone line via Openreach Fibre Modem

If you already have a BT phone service (Digital Voice) but chose not to use the SH2 router , so cannot use it , porting the number to a VoIP provider won’t ‘enable’ the Tel port on the ONT, you would access it like any other VoIP user , it may also be worthwhile checking that your broadband will remain active if the associated telephone number is moved away from BT ( it should be OK , unlike FTTC or ADSL where porting the number would cease the broadband ) but worth getting confirmation