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Using a mobile to receive landline calls.

You can by landline phones with multiple handsets (currently we have a set of 3 BT ones but one is not working too well)

And I have seen "bridge" devices that will redirect your landline to your mobile but that is more to do with getting your landline calls while you are out.

I am looking more for a something like a base station that connects to my landline and router and a companion app for my android mobiles that will turn them in to landline handsets but only when connected to the same home wi-fi as the  base station, so basically only when I am at home.

Not everyone in the family has an unlimited data mobile contract so redirecting to your mobile when not at home would not be desirable for everyone so if that was a standard feature it would have to be something that could be turned off and on depending on individual mobiles.

Does this exist as a product from BT or anyone really?


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Re: Using a mobile to receive landline calls.

If you have Digital Voice and a BT mobile then just divert all calls to that, it's a free service to DV. customers.

All about Call Diversion for Digital Voice | BT Help

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Re: Using a mobile to receive landline calls.

We are not on Digital Voice yet and due to personal reasons my partner would want to stick to a standard landline.

I was just wondering if there was an easy way of using a mobile, even an old one as a landline handset.

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