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Using older BT DECT phone with Digital Voice

I've recently gone on to Full Fibre 100 with Digital Voice. Generally very satisfied with result but suffering from one niggle that I cannot understand.

I have a BT3750 (Answerphone and 2xDECT handsets) which I wanted to use with the new setup as BT only provide one "Alexa" handset. Firstly I tried to abandon the base for the BT3750 and just register the handsets with the SH2. Although this worked to a point these handsets didn't get all the call information (no time and date showing and Unavailable if not in their contacts). The Alexa handset shows everything including name details for those who are in it's contact list.

As I don't particularly like 1571 and would rather use the base unit of BT3750 as my answerphone I then decided to try plugging this into the back of the SH2 and reducing the number of rings before answer to less than the 1571 setting. All OK - works well. So next is to move the registration of it's 2 handsets back to the BT3750 base. Again mostly OK.

Here is where the really odd thing occurs. These two "old" handsets now show caller id (name, if in their contacts, and number otherwise) before the call is answered. Once the call is finished and you look through their call list I now get the time/date info but if the caller is not in their contact list the caller id shown is "Unavailable". Wierd or what?

Has anyone else out there tried anything similar and got equally wierd results??

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