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Unbreakable voice ?

I've read recently that vulnerable customers, who may not have a smart phone nor broadband,  are concerned that digital voice will not work during power cuts. These concerns are similar to my concerns over my home wiFi security system. The router & security base unit depend on power and the wiFi signal. A consumer grade USP system looks like the techies solution.

Has anyone been looking into a simple solution or workaround should the power go down (or someone with ill intent gains access to your external  power meter cupboard) ?

Some form of re-chargeable system to back up the Router or digital voice device might do it. I've been testing a 4G standby Router with integrated standard phone socket and d.c. power adapter cable from a usb backup battery or the car lighter port adapter. Not very elegant nor simple to operate.

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Re: Unbreakable voice ?

There are a number of threads running on this forum where others share your concern. Have a search through and take a read. Many solutions will be found. 

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