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Yet another number port question

Hi all, 

Looking for some advice as I'm not quite sure who is or isn't leading me up the garden path. 

Had a massive issue getting our landline installed as it turned out we needed a pole....  7months later and 5 canceled orders landline was installed July 4th, I've now got the broadband also on the line. By the way OR advised I had to order a single landline or it would get canceled like it did on the 4 previous attempts for landline and broadband.  Any how I digress I had kept the previous supplier running, as I assume that I need a live number to port.  Previously spoken to someone when they were adding the broadband to the account that it didn't port because it was still active? So i have been asking previous supplier to cease at least the phone so I can port it.  However they had said that I need it to be active for it to port.  Once ported it will cancel my broadband as it's a digital voice number (out of the back of the ont), this is fine as I wanted to switch services to bt anyway, I'm not currently a bt digi voice landline and want to keep it that was for as long as possible, however if it means losing the number I would switch to DV.

Spoke to someone today and they said needed a mac address, then corrected himself. 

To say that I'm is an understatement. At least if it was a mobile you get the pac code and away you go. 

Apologies for the waffle but tried to add as much info that you might need  as poss 

Thanks in Advance


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Re: Yet another number port question

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Re: Yet another number port question

Perhaps you can clarify a few things , if you kept your previous supplier running , presumably this is not on the Openreach network, so who is it , and is it this supplier providing the phone number you want to port to BT ?.

If you now have a BT service , is that with a phone service and is that phone service DV ( so via your BT broadband router ? ) 

This statement needs clarification, Once ported it will cancel my broadband as it's a digital voice number (out of the back of the ont), this is fine as I wanted to switch services to bt anyway, I'm not currently a bt digi voice landline and want to keep it that, 

DV is BT’s proprietary phone offer , it’s not a generic term for every providers IP telephony, if you use DV when referring to other companies IP telephony it will cause confusion.

If whatever Alt Net you currently use are suppling you with some sort of an IP phone service and you want to keep that number by  porting it to BT , because you already have ‘BT’ with either no phone number or a BT supplied number , you cannot port the number from the Alt Net to this working BT ‘line’  ( well not directly ) 

You could order a second BT service , and at sign up ask for the Alt Net phone number to be ported to your new second line , or cease your current existing BT service ( expensive for ETC if you are within a minimum term ) and then reorder and again at order entry ask for the Alt Net number to be ported , or simply export the Alt Net number to a regular VoIP provider , and use your BT broadband to access it , but that wouldn’t be via the phone port on the BT SH2 , but using whatever method this third party VoIP provider requires.

What you will probably find is that you cannot renumber you existing BT service with the number from your current Alt Net provider with a single transaction.

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Re: Yet another number port question

Hi @iniltous 

Apologies, the company I'm leaving is See the light from Sky it's an OFNL network, and it's this supplier that has the number I wish to port to my BT landline (POTS)

I realise that Digital voice Is a "brand name" but I used it to give people the idea of how it worked as this is similar in the fact the phone comes out of the back of the see the light ONT like it would the smart hub2 if I had DV with BT.

I thought that if I had put that it's Voip then this gives the idea that it's a virtual number rather than connected to the router / ONT in my case.

In the past See the light had stated that when the phone number is ported as it comes from the Fibre ONT they would cancel both the broadband and phone (Which is what I wanted anyway)

I did request that my number be ported at the time of or ordering the landline (4 attempts in fact) and because each attempt OR canceled it as the new pole and line  hadn't been installed / provisioned so I ended up with the "temporary"  bt line number to get the services up and running. But if your saying that now it's installed I probably won't be able to port it, I guess I'll have to use the 14 day cancel on the broadband and early termination of the landline then reorder as I physically have a line they can port to now.

Regards and apologies again for the non clarification ☺️

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