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i have internet but no dial up tone

i have been to my dads he's not had a landline for nearly a week now but he has internet. he has  3 bt3960 wireless hand sets across his house. he did have the internet upgraded the other month and the engineer set the phones up as well for him, they have worked but stopped.


i have tried unplugging them resetting them and using a splitter no luck.

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Re: i have internet but no dial up tone


Was he moved over to BT Digital Voice when he upgraded? I assume he is a BT Retail customer.

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Re: i have internet but no dial up tone

he is a bt customer hes has been for years. im not sure if he got moved to it or not. all i know and seen is a new wifi hub( he had very old one from 6 years ago before)

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Re: i have internet but no dial up tone

I would try plugging a different phone in, and see if you get dial tone. Just a cheap wired phone to prove whether its his phone that is faulty, or if there is a line fault. If that phone does not work, then it would need to be reported to BT.

If he has only recently received a BT Smart Hub 2, then its possible he has been moved onto BT Digital Voice, which would mean that the phone would plug into the phone socket on the back of the home hub, and not in the wall socket.