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receiving a lot of spam calls pretending to be BT Technical Services

Over the last couple of weeks I've been receiving a LOT of spam calls pretending to be "BT Technical Services", suggesting that "someone is misusing your Internet line". Sometimes half a dozen calls per day.

They are obviously not calling from BT.

Those calls ring to my home phone despite having BT Call Protect enabled; apparently they are using different caller ID numbers every time, usually from 0207xxxxxxx numbers.

Is there anything that can be done to stop those calls?


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Re: receiving a lot of spam calls pretending to be BT Technical Services

In short,  no.

The only viable solution I've heard of is to buy a phone  ( one of the more knowledgeable users will be able to tell you which one )  which requires the caller to state their name before you accept the call.     I believe I'm right in saying that your phone doesn't even ring till they've given a name of some sort  -  again,  other users will know the details better than I,  as it is that this isn't something I've personally chosen to do.

Of course,  there's an argument that it's just as easy to put the phone down on them,  or keep them on the line for as long as you can until they get fed up  ( if you've got the time and need the amusement ) ... each to their own,  I guess,  but no,  there's no sure way to stop the calls,  since they invariably come from spoofed numbers in the first place.    As soon as you block one,  they'll use a different one;   and with literally no limit to how many different numbers they can use,  you'd never keep up even if you felt inclined to try.    Wish there was more encouraging news ...

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