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Amazon 4K connectivity via BT Smarthub 2

I have 2 Amazon firesticks at home connected to my BT Smarthub 2. One of the fire TV sticks will connect to the wifi o.k. by the fire TV stick can't connect to Amazon and thinks it has no internet service. This particular Fire TV stick is a 4K version where the other one is standard. The standard stick is working fine connected to the same router.

If I connect the Fire stick 4K to my mobile hotspot (using EE network) it connects o.k. and can connect to Amazon and has internet service. I have performed a hard reset on the Amazon 4K fire stick, but the problem persists whilst trying to connect to the Smarthub 2.

I also have other devices (smart TV and Laptops) that have no problems connecting to Amazon.

Any idea why the 4K Fire stick is having a problem with Smarthub 2?

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Re: Amazon 4K connectivity via BT Smarthub 2

I have an Amazon 4k firestick and it connects to my SH2 without a problem. Try turning of the 5ghz network in SH2 then connect firestick and once connected re-enable 5ghz

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