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Aquiring IP address for desktop Windows XP

My desktop has lost its IP address how do I aquire a new one? I can see connected devices on Hub 5 but can't see how to add

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Re: Aquiring IP address for desktop Windows XP

You shouldnt really be in this situation, in most typical home network IP assignment is done via DHCP automatically, IE you connect a device to the network via Ethernet or WIFI and a device is given an IP address automatically.

Devices dont lose IP addresses, sure there is a lease time from the DHCP server but when that lease expires it nearly always just renews the same device with the same IP....

Something to try though.......

1: 'Windows Key and R' to bring up the Run prompt

2: Enter 'CMD' without the invested commas to open up command prompt.

I assume these steps are the same, ive not used XP for yonks.....

First thing I would do in the command prompt is enter the following

ipconfig /all

Hit return and look at the output, paste is here if you want and I can check it....

Secondly you can try the following to force grabbing another IP if indeed this helps which I doubt but it wont hurt:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Hit enter after each one, this is the way to release an IP and renew it, no surprise there.

Can always power off the desktop, the switch off hub and back on....wait till the internets up then power the desktop back on.

Is this WIFI or cabled connection to the desktop?

Hope some of this might help.

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