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BT 4G Home Hub Router with TP Power link adapters


     Could someone please shine some light on this matter for me please., So I have a 4G Home hub router with about 30mbs ish speeds, using an external arial, all is good, when I plug my TP link powerline adaptor to the LAN port on router the solid blue network light goes from a  yellow / green ish colour and I lose the Internet.. When I take it our it comes back on again?,  I have tried using a new ethanet cable, but still the same,?

The adaptors work on another router connected to an alternative Internet source, so I believe its something to do with this 4G  router, or a LAN port setting?  not the adaptors.. ? 

I have herd  that 4G router's are not compatible with powerline adaptors as they can or could short out the router?  Or did I just dream that ?.

Any advice greatly  appreciated.


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