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BT Broadband Dropping

My ASDL copper broadband keeps dropping. It regularly does so at around 5pm every day. The lights are blue the whole time. The wifi symbol has an exclamation mark next to it on my phone and underneath the wifi network it says 'internet may not be available'. How do I solve this?

I have had numerous calls with BT.

They sent an EE engineer who replaced the hub with a newer version. It still did it.

Next they sent an Openreach engineer who tested the grey box on outside wall and said the line is fine. He cleared it out of cobwebs. It still did it.

Next they sent a more specialist Openreach engineer who tested my internal sockets including the master socket. He also tested the green box on road and went back to the exchange. He said the line is fine but one of the wires was loose in the exchange which he put in. It still did it.

Meant to have another engineer out tomorrow. What do I do? I am getting tired of dropped connections and had none before February. What is causing it and how should I sort it? Can iy be fixed? Why is happening at 5pm?


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