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BT HomeHub 6 NAS Compatibility

I am using a BT HomeHub6 as a router for my internet/private network. I recently added a WD MyCloud Home device to act as a server for Plex, but I'm having all kinds of problems. Plex is very scantly usable, as the connection times out, drops in and out constantly, and basically denies me access to my library in a variety of ways.


I suspect that the Cloud device is the problem as it has a fairly slow processor/RAM, but I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this issue while running the HomeHub6, so I can rule that out as a potential cause. 


Thanks in advance to anyone that can shed any light!

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Re: BT HomeHub 6 NAS Compatibility

The HH6 works fine with the WDMyCloud.

You say it's fairly slow, what version firmware is it running?  if it's lower than 5 then forget it, WD ended support for such devices sometime after April this year and you will not get cloud access

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Re: BT HomeHub 6 NAS Compatibility

Hey, thanks for your reply. Firmware version on the Cloud is 8.9

In that case, I guess it just doesn't have the mettle to run Plex efficiently. I'll repurpose it and buy a better NAS I think...maybe go mad and upgrade the router while I'm at it. 

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