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BT Hub 6 Consistently Rebooting Or Dropping Connection



I have been having issues now for several months. I have had multiple engineers come out and test the internal connection to the master socket and the line has been checked which are apparently all fine. Each broadband engineer that comes out says that the tests they have done are fine but always say on the notes that the drops could be due to my setup. I don't believe it is my setup as the broadband will work fine for a few weeks and then i will have weeks of the router restarting (purple/pink light, amber light flashing and then back to blue). It's as if it keeps restarting.

The Faults team aren't prepared to send anyone else out and would like to charge me £85 to look at my setup (remember previous engineers always say that my setup is fine to me). 

I'm now at a loss cause. The last thing the person from Faults says i need to remove all my devices on the network and add them one by one to see what one is restarting my router (i don't believe this to be the case at all). The router has dropped when it's just me in the house and only using the same work devices (which i have been for the past 2 years) i use each day which suggests to me it isn't a device causing the hub to restart.

Anyone had similar issues or know of any suggestions? I'm ready to pull my hair out (what i have left) over this.

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Re: BT Hub 6 Consistently Rebooting Or Dropping Connection

Yes - I'm having exactly the same problem, so very frustrating! Did you find a solution?


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