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BT Mail Remote Log In

Background to the Issue

I run an ancient PC with XP OS to download data from a data logger on a personal weather station (pws). The pws software uploads data to a website on a preset schedule and creates a data file in .txt format.

I want to send the data file to my windows 10 PC which analyses the data both when I am at home and also when working away from home

The problem

I am using a remote log in programme to log in to my BT Mail account and send the data file as an attachment. 

This works fine if only text is included in the remotely generated email and has been proven through testing. When the path to the data file is added to create the attachment the email fails to be transmitted and the message regarding suspected spam \ virus etc is received

How do I flag the text file as from a trusted source and get mail to attach and send? 

Or how can I transmit the data? 

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Re: BT Mail Remote Log In

Have you tryed putting the .txt into a 7z or rar and then send it 

You can also try uploading to Google drive and downloading the file on your home pc


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Re: BT Mail Remote Log In

Thanks Lukeintech,
I haven't yet tried compressing file before having remote sending software attach to generated email message. Will try but I think issue is around BT protocols and compatibility to Windows XP when remote emailing is used. It works fine when email composed manually
The XP OS cannot connect to Google Cloud, tried and failed, and using GMail in sending software fails with 5.7.0 error even without attachment
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