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BT Smart Hub Channel

Hello, I am trying to check the channel by Hub uses, and when I open 'properties' on my laptop the Network Band says 5 GHz; however, when I open Wi-fi info on my android phone (I use wi-fi calling at home) it says Frequency is 2.4 GHz - can anyone explain this difference to me please? I don't understand how they can be different if both using my Hub? 

I am checking the frequency as I have lots of interference on all my home calls (using wifi calling) as I have Bluetooth open on my phone now needed for a new app.

Many thanks 



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Re: BT Smart Hub Channel

Broadband routers use 2 frequency bands to transmit   WiFi, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Devices choose which band to use based on various factors but mainly signal strength. The 2.4Ghz signal is stronger but is slower than the 5Ghz signal which is faster but doesn't reach as far.

The BT hub gives the same network name (SSID) to both signals, other routers may give the bands different names.

The BT hub doesn't have Bluetooth.




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