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BT Whole Home WiFi Guest network doesnt work with Chromecast or Google nest speaker

I have four (five counting the one you have to connect to the router) discs connected to my BT Series 2 smart hub.  Two of these are in adjacent buildings to my house which we let out as self catering.  I have set up a guest network which works fine, but although I can get the chromecast to work fine on the main network, it will not work on the guest network.  I think it may be that you need to set the BT Whole Home WiFi to allow guests to see each other on the guest network (i.e. the user, and the chromecast), but cant find anywhere in either the web browser controls, or the ipad app that would enable me to do this.  Same problem with a google nest speaker - i can see it on google home app, it goes through the setup process, and then tells me "there was a technical issue".  No problem on main network or extened network, just guest network.  Am I barking up the woring tree or is there an answer out there somewhere??!!  Thanks for any help

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