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BT disks flow network down


could this be my problem all along?

I have recently had the BT HH2 replaced. I'm on a Gbit connection with BT.

The faulty HH2 was giving us IPs in the 169.x.x.x range, but after 4 years of good service I thought this was OK expecting it to be replaced. This new HH2 started OK giving us around 500Mbps speeds about 2 metres away from it, but when re-connecting the BT disks the whole good experience went down the drain. Immediately the speed in the same place as measured the 500, went down to 200 or less. The disk is on another level of the house. the other two disks as off. 

Is this what I should expect, if using disks, the router itself cannot give us the speeds it can actually produce? This is all WIFI of course, wired I get the usual 900Mbps to 1.1Gbps 

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Re: BT disks flow network down

What colour is the light on the disk, if not solid blue then did you repeat the pairing process with the replacement hub?

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Re: BT disks flow network down

thank you your reply. Yes all disks are blue, this would obviously be a problem if these weren't. We had them for years but the whole network was installed with the disks so I had never tested the HH2 router without disks. Recently I did and noticed the bump in speed.

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