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Best/Recommended Powerline Adaptor Kits

Hi all 👋
Recently one of my 'BT BB Extender 600 Kit' adapters has died. None of the indicator lights will stay lit 😤 and I have tried  to see where the problem lies by swapping it with the 2nd adapter and also tried it in another power socket but all of the lights just flicker on and off constantly on this one unit (more off than on 🙄).
I was using this kit so that I could watch the 'On Demand' services through my Humax DTR T2000 as my router/hub is in another room and I can't move it any nearer as there is only the one working access point in my flat for the internet and that is in the other room.
So, I would appreciate any recommendations for replacement Powerline adapters as I have read so many reviews I'm getting confused 😵. I am looking to spend up to ~£40 as I am on a tight income (and the BT ones came 'free' when I purchased the Humax box) and I am only looking for Powerline adapters.
The one I am currently looking at is the TP-Link TL-PA7017P. Does anyone have any experience with this kit? 
Thank you kindly for any and all feedback 😁👍

Kerry x x 

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Re: Best/Recommended Powerline Adaptor Kits

Mine fail from time to time due to them being on different consumer units and when they do a factory reset usually gets them working again (until the next time they fail).

See 3907 Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Kit QSG Iss.4.pdf ( for instructions on how to reset

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Re: Best/Recommended Powerline Adaptor Kits

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Re: Best/Recommended Powerline Adaptor Kits

Thanks @Les-Gibson  👍 I have tried the factory reset (on both units) and the problem still persists. I have also read that if each of the adapters are on separate ring mains that this may cause a problem but because I live in a flat it is just the one so that is not the problem either 😕.
Cheers @licquorice ‌‌👍 I have seen these recommended on one of the websites I looked at. I was going to get them but another website suggested the best Mbps should be at least 1000 so I was looking at the TP-Link TL-PA7017 but saying that... the one you have recommended DOES have Wi-fi AND has better reviews 🤔
Decision..... decisions 😁

Thank you for your help it is very much appreciated!

Have a great weekend both!!
x x x

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Re: Best/Recommended Powerline Adaptor Kits

Devolo only. Their Devolo performer mitigates the impact of overlapping frequencies between VDSL and powerline, but it can also work with your router, if it supports TR-064.

More here:

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Re: Best/Recommended Powerline Adaptor Kits

Thank you kindly @Edinburgh-wg  👍
I've never come across Devolo so your suggestion is very much appreciated!
I will have a  👀  at them.
Have a great weekend!


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Re: Best/Recommended Powerline Adaptor Kits


They've been on the market for a long time and pioneering some technologies. Their flagship is the magic series. Yes, they're dearer than any other, but they're very good. Good German engineering behind them, too. However, all powerline adapters have a negative impact on VDSL signal so you should only use them being aware of that.

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