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Buffering videos & failure to load pages

So ive had BT wifi, specifically "Fibre 1" package and i got the Smart Hub 2 for about 3 weeks now and since day 1 ive had SEVERE issues with it loading websites and watching streams/videos. 
I can get about 30secs-1min into a video and it'll fail to load any further (sometimes it just straight up doesnt load), watching a live stream is near impossible as it'll buffer every 30secs, opening websites with any images or links to other pages (i.e a google search, facebook or reddit) and it'll attempt to load for a minute+ and then fail to load and i'll have to refresh and try again.
These problems occur on 3 different devices (phone, tablet and desktop PC) and ive purchased a wifi signal booster to see if that helped incase it was the signal was out of range but nothing.
Ive tried switching them between the 2 different GHz channel but nothing changes, and just outright turning off the 2.4GHz doesnt change either.
A factory reset was done and then I turned off smart setup to see if that worked as i saw it being suggested a lot in the forum but yet again, nothing.
I honestly have no idea what it could be and am getting really frustrated with it as gaming and livestream are a big hobby of mine and its getting impossible to do so with these issues.
Any help/ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Re: Buffering videos & failure to load pages

Let’s start with:


1/ check your available speeds, and other attributes (if on FTTC) on

If you post screenshot here (retract your phone number / address for privacy reasons), someone will able to tell you, if everything looks right from this end.


2/ If you using android, try to download “Wifi Analyzer (open-source) by VREM Software Development and check, “what’s going on” in terms of Wifi Access points around yourself.

Try to choose channel, which will seems for you less crowded. Bear in mind, as 2.4 GHz will be more crowded, and there is less possibility as you will even achieve anything solid. But also on 5 GHz, there will be only 3 channels (or “smart” or “auto”) available to choose from. Pretty limited.

Also, if you know what are you doing, try to set your device to use “Google DNS”, even be fair, DNS which using BT shall be perfectly fine, and usable.



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Re: Buffering videos & failure to load pages

Leave Smart Setup disabled on the hub, it is the most inappropriately named waste of space ever conceived.

 What is Smart Setup on the BT Hub? How can I turn it on and off? | BT Help

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Re: Buffering videos & failure to load pages


This is what i got from that site you linked

2. Nope dont have Android, its Apple devices so unless there is a version on the App store...?

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Re: Buffering videos & failure to load pages

From screenshot, line is capable only 54-72 Mbps download and 17-20 Mbps upload, e.g. you are on FTTC, means fibre only to pole/cabinet and can’t really at a moment have a “true” fibre…


iOS has little more restricted what you could see, or use, on connection end, and it’s no such easy to see all these data, but I do believe there is still option to do so..


Your BT super Hub 2 (or Home Hub 5/6) depends what you have, shall be able to show you some sort of statistic, e.g. noise margin, etc. Will need someone else to point you to this, while mine don’t have it, due it’s on FTTP 

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Re: Buffering videos & failure to load pages


You'll be better off using just the 2.4ghz band & turning off the 5ghz as whilst the speed is better on the 5ghz band the range isn't and there's no speed advantage using 5ghz. This assumes that the 2.4ghz band is not overly congested.

I think the Hubs will automatically switch channels unless you manually select a channel and what you're experiencing might be caused by this, that's a big might btw.

Also try some speedtests and see what you get , doing this at the times your streaming is most affected.

Knowing the connection speeds of your hub to the cabinet would be very useful but I don't use a hub so can't tell you exactly how to get those.

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