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Complete WiFi not working correctly

I set up my newly arrived Booster disc today, which i ordered due to my bedroom having a weaker signal because it's the furthest from the router in my home. Typically my connection would be 1 to 2 bars, sometimes 3. Anyway, upon setting it all up it worked fine, paired correctly etc. etc. only despite the new Disc being placed directly beside my Xbox console (and I tried ethernet, didn't improve anything) I'm suddenly dealing with more lag than before whilst technically having a better signal (full bars.) Typically my connection in games would be a solid 30-60ms of ping, sometimes slower but that's to be expected. When playing with the disc turned on (with or without an ethernet cable made no difference) i was consistently playing on 300+ ping, which is unplayable. 


Is there any known solutions to this? I've tried restarting anything and everything, tried moving things around, nothing works. As it stands currently i feel like i would have been better off not even buying the Booster since it's actively making my connection worse! 

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Re: Complete WiFi not working correctly

If the repeater disc is sitting right next to your Xbox, in an area of known poor WiFi signal from the main hub, then I'm not surprised that you are seeing no improvement.

The repeater disc receives the signal from the hub and re-transmits it. It the received signal is poor, then so will the re-transmitted one be. The Xbox will be receiving a stronger signal now, but the speed attainable will still be governed by what the disc is receiving. The disc is trying to work with the same incoming WiFi signal that your Xbox struggled with prior to installing the disc.

As in the saying - "a chain is only as good as its weakest link" - in this case, a transmission chain.

You need to move the disc to somewhere it will receive a strong signal from the hub, but still cover where your Xbox is located - try halfway between the two first, and then experiment.



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Re: Complete WiFi not working correctly

Hi @JosephM and welcome to our community.

Thanks for posting about your complete wifi. @Paul608085 has posted some fantastic advice (kudos to you). Try moving the disc to where it gets a stronger signal and let us know how you get on.



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