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Dec0 M9 disappointing ethernet connection speed

Hi. Recently upgraded to BT FTTP full 500 and bought the Deco M9 for a mesh network in the house. The mesh wifi has worked fine, but it's the ethernet speeds which are disappointing so far. The primary M9 is in the living room set to router mode, connected directly to the ONT. From there I have a 5e cable running from Deco to a switch which then feeds tv, PS4, fire tv. Frustratingly on the PS4 I only ever see speeds of 160-230, but given it is hardwired to the main Deco I was expecting to see higher, the other devices are similar. I then tried a different cable (the one supplied with the Deco) and ran it to my laptop and again the speeds got nowhere near the 500 I was expecting.

Using the test internet speed in the Deco app the download speeds are 476.9Mbps and upload 70.9Mbps. Connecting via wifi from my phone in the living room I get over 400Mbps and so it does seem to be an ethernet issue.

With the Deco direct to the ONT I use the PPPOE connection. I did see on some forums that this can cause reduced speed, would that explain it? If so is there anyway around this (I wondered about trying the hub2 inbetween the ONT and Deco and setting the Deco to AP to eliminate PPPOE setup on Deco)?

Anything else I should be checking to try and resolve this?

Thanks in advance!

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