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Dedicated 2.4GHz channel?

Hello All - grateful for some advice.

We have a BT Smart Hub and a wifi-connected Solar Edge PV inverter.  The inverter is connected to the hub via a BT Whole Homewifi disk.  Access to the internet is not mission critical for the inverter - but it is nice to be able to track progress using the app.

Recently - within the last week - the inverter has been losing contact with the Smart hub between 0530 and 0600.  According to Solar Edge this may be because the inverter can only communicate on a 2.4 GHz network and we have both this and the 5GHz network enabled.  (I should say that the inverter has navigated this without problem for the six weeks or so between being installed and this problem starting recently.)

So my questions are:

- How can I ensure that the inverter only connects to the Smart hub using a 2.4GHz wifi connection?

- (And/or) is there another way (for example, using the Firewall settings) to work around this problem?

The Solar Edge inverter is the display-less model, so I need to find a hub-related solution to this issue.

Grateful in advance for any/all advice.


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Re: Dedicated 2.4GHz channel?

First of all, as the solar edge only has 2.4Ghz WiFi it can only connect at 2.4Ghz so as it can't 'see' the5Ghz signal that is totally irrelevant.

Problems can occur with single band devices if they try to connect to devices in ad hoc mode when the device is connected to the hub on the other band but that is not the case here as the inverter connects to the Solar Edge server, not directly to your app.

As an aside, my installer made sure my Solar Edge inverter had an Ethernet connection as he considered the WiFi unreliable.


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Re: Dedicated 2.4GHz channel?

Thanks for this.  Good to know that the 2.4GHz thing is a distraction.

Still left with the daily problem of the link dropping out.  I guess I will go back to Solar Edge - pointing out that it has worked flawlessly for nearly two months (since installation) and asking them to investigate.



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Re: Dedicated 2.4GHz channel?

I have a Solaredge inverter and until my house rewire it was fine with Ethernet and homeplugs. But the rewire messed things up as the router was on one circuit and the inverter on another. Dropouts we’re common.

A few yeas ago I bought the Wi-Fi aerial for the Solaredge and since then the connection has been perfect. The only frustrating thing is the inverter will switch from one disk where the signal is excellent to the router where it’s only good.

But that’s smart devices for you! Smart my ar*e!

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