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EERO 6+ and Double Nat

Morning 🙂

I have fibre 250, FTTC.

smart hub 2, with the old white first gen whole home discs that have been amazing, but I think they are slowly failing as they keep needing a regular reset.

started to think EERO, but being a PC gamer, worried about Double NAT.  

anyone had any experience?  I know I can put EERO in bridge mode, but allegedly I lose a ton of functionality.


the other option would be to go for the extra on my package, and get the new whole home discs from there.  

how do they work out if you get more than 1 disc? I currently have 3 and get full speed all over my house.  If I drop to 1 or 2, I do get signal, but it’s very slow and prone to dropping. 

Any thoughts?


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