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Full Fibre installed, advice for improved Wi-Fi speed

Hello all,

We have had Full Fibre 500 installed in our house and everything is going at full speed to and from the router. I have already been doing some perusing on the forum and I am also well aware that I shouldn’t expect the same speeds over Wi-Fi as Ethernet….however…

We are currently using 3 Whole Home Wi-Fi discs (and the router Wi-Fi turned off), this is to enable our sky q boxes to be connected by a form of Ethernet (cable from the disc to the sky q box). When I run a speed test over Wi-Fi, we are only getting 91mbps but with a full upload speed….my understanding from this forum is that this is probably down to the fact that the whole home Wi-Fi discs that we have are these ones…Deal: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, Pack of 3 Discs, Mesh Wi-Fi for seamless, speedy (AC2600) connection, Wi-Fi everywhere in medium to large homes, App for complete control and 3 year warranty (and they have the older BT logo on them, to show their age!)… These are running as “repeaters” rather than as a mesh which is causing the rather drastic drop in Wi-Fi speed….So the only way to get a big improvement in Wi-Fi is to upgrade the discs to these ones…


Sorry for the slightly lengthy post but I just want to get my ducks in a row as it were!

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Re: Full Fibre installed, advice for improved Wi-Fi speed


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers. I assume you are a BT Retail customer.

Please remove the Amazon link, as its not permitted on this forum.

Based on what people have posted about those premium discs, I would avoid them.

You may like to read the whole thread.

You may like to look at the TP Link Deco range assuming you want to replace the whole system.



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Re: Full Fibre installed, advice for improved Wi-Fi speed

@Keith_Beddoe Hi Keith, many thanks for the swift response, yes I am indeed a retail customer and my apologies for the Amazon link, I wasn’t aware that links to that company were banned, sorry! I also forgot to point out that there was virtually no drop off between Ethernet/Wi-Fi speed on our previous package (fibre 2), so it looks like it’s more a case of the discs hitting their limit…

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Re: Full Fibre installed, advice for improved Wi-Fi speed

Any e-commerce links, apart from the BT Shop, are not allowed, as the referrer would show as BT and could be seen as BT promoting that specific site.

As you say, you are probably reaching the limit of the discs. I doubt that its worth spending more money unless you pass large files between wireless devices on your home network.


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