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Full fibre 900

Hi, help please, not the best with technology but what's an alternative to the SH2, MY top wireless speed is 360 mbps, I have a large family, hence why I went for the fastest speed. I tested the speed with everything off and just me at home. I know the minimum guaranteed speed is 700mbps, but didn't know this is wired when I signed up. I don't use anything wired.

Any other router that I can get that's not too expensive, open complaints with BT but an engineer told me I won't get better speeds than 430mbps with the newest BT hub. I see other folk are getting a lot better. Any links to better routers will be appreciated.

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Re: Full fibre 900

The hub is only part of the equation here.

It doesn't matter how capable the hub you use is if it is being hampered by the lack of capability of your connecting devices, or you're subject to less than ideal environmental conditions/Wi-Fi interference.

It would help to understand what devices you are hoping to achieve faster Wi-Fi speeds from (make/model etc.) as there's a good chance a different hub won't help e.g. if you're using a Wi-Fi 5 smartphone with a 2x2 radio (which a lot of phones are), then I wouldn't expect you to get much more than ~400mbps max throughput irrespective of hub.

A dual band router with Wi-Fi 6/AX capability and support for 160MHz  and UNII-2 channels would be a logical step up from a SH2, but I'd recommend thinking carefully before getting your wallet out, as any benefit may only be marginal based on what I've written above.

Is the lack of speed to a single device actually causing you any problems?

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Re: Full fibre 900

I wouldn't pay for more than Full Fibre 500 if you are only using wireless - to get the benefits of FF900 you will need multiple Wifi 5/6 wireless access points (assuming large house if large family?) and they should be wired with ethernet back to the router.

BT FTTP 500/75 + pfSense + 4 x UniFi Wifi 6 Pro
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