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Games console not connecting to smart hub 2

Before Christmas we got the smart hub 2 and all consoles connected not a problem, then there was a broadband problem in the local telephone exchange and ever since our broadband is useless. We even upgraded to complete Wi-fi to see if that would help and it hasn’t as the Wi-fi in the house is just ok, the old smart hub had way better coverage in the house (it’s a standard 3 bed semi), 

anyway we have a PS4 (which now will only connect with Ethernet cable), a switch and a switch lite, and the only way that either switch can connect to online play is through the personal hotspot on my phone, I have been in contact with bt numerous times and still haven’t gotten any help with this issue, it’s driving me crazy and cost me a fortune in data on my mobile 🙄

also no mobile in the house can access WhatsApp while connected to the Wi-fi, has anyone any idea of what I can do to rectify this? 
bt say that all faults have been fixed in the exchange, that’s there is no issue with the broadband coming to the house and no fault with the actual hub (we are on our 2nd hub to see if that was the problem)

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