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Re: Hardwire Full Fibre 900 with BT Halo 3+

@Monir @licquorice @Ewan1 @wkirkman 

I have configured this

  1. home hub Wan port connected to OTN box cat6 running from OTN to smart hub in another room
  2. Home Hub port 1 connected to an 4 port 1g switch (switch port 1connects onto another 1g 8 port switch in another room )
  3. 8 port switch connects to a few areas of the house, one port connects to another switch 4 ports 1g
  4. Each wifi disc is connected via the switches around the house, all 4 discs on the app are showing ethernet as the connection
  5. Home hub is showing wifi discs connected to port 1

It looks like you can run as many wifi discs as you need, I dont have any more to test but managed to get 4 connected to the home hut without any drama


I ran a 15 meter ethernet outside the house and connected a disc. app shows connected and in good shape.

I connected to the BT home hub wifi and walked toward the disc outside, what i noicted was the signal had to drop before i would connect to the disc outside, it was maybe 2-3 seconds.. not the worst situation.

I configured all the CCTV/Nas/Cloud devices all ok, fixed their IP address and shortern the DHCP server range to a handfull of IP address, of course changes the DHCP/Home Hub Ip address range to take it away from the default.

The Halo device is a the next thing i want to play with. i was told that the halo will service the internet if there is a disconnection from the exchange. so far it seems that when i power off the OTN box, the ethernet connections all lose the internet but using wifi you disconnect and reconnect and you can get a onto the internet. Will have a play later this this

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Re: Hardwire Full Fibre 900 with BT Halo 3+

Hi  oldskoolsandhu

Thanks for the update, glad it all worked out.

I found similar to you that a device will not necessarily connect to the strongest WIFI source, and will only change source when the signal strength drops significantly.

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Re: Hardwire Full Fibre 900 with BT Halo 3+

hey @Monir  longest ethernet cable was 30 meters and wifi disc was servicing data ok.  I could see the disc on the app connected with wifi and my device was hitting about 600mb when using

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