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Hardwiring complete WIFI discs - WIFI download speed not as expected?

Hi all, hoping for someone to explain to me the reason for the below - go easy as initially I thought this made logical sense!

I have recently installed CAT 6 around my house via an 8 x gigabit port switch in the attic, cabled from the main SH2 in the lounge also with CAT 6. 

I was thinking that if I hard wired my 3 x complete WIFI discs back to the SH2 via the switch, this would mean that I could get the same / similar download speeds over WIFI that I get in the same room as the SH2. I have the 900mb full fibre package, so thought this was possible rather than the current 80-100mb I currently get when the discs work together as a mesh system. 

Reading other forums, I've learnt that what I'm trying to do isnt really what the completeWIFI discs are meant for, potentially now no longer working as a mesh system? 

I only get 80-90mb now via wifi in the rooms where I have the discs - I do get a better / stable connection it seems however, so maybe thats still an advantage.

The room with the SH2 I can get anywhere from 300-500mb+ about 2M away. 

Is there a reason why I cant get more speed from the dics that are hardwired? Is there a reason you can only get the much faster speeds over WIFI in the same room as the SH2? 

(I originally needed to hardwire the 1 x disc which is in the main bedroom, direclty over the room with the SH2 in  as for some reason no matter where I place the disc, it struggles with getting a strong signal back to the SH2 - sometimes showing an orange light) 

Thanks all. 

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Re: Hardwiring complete WIFI discs - WIFI download speed not as expected?

Just done a speed test in one of the bedrooms, using a laptop plugged into one of my ethernet sockets, using Cat5E patchcord cable I had, speed was on 90mb download hardwired, yet over WIFI (less than 1M from the complete WIFI disc) was 120MB? So hardwiring the disc is actually making it slower...

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