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Have I set this up correctly?

Greetings folks, 

Are there any setup experts on these forums that can clarify if I have set this up correctly?

First off, all our devices were initially set up by someone else years ago when we had our broadband put in.  I don't know what they do, and I've never touched them so I don't mess things up.  I think the Netgear hub we have next to our Smart Hub is some sort of extension device.  

Basically, I turned on the power to the Hybrid hub and the light started flashing green. 

According to the instructions I have to connect the yellow cable supplied with the Hybrid Hub into the back of my Smart Hub, unfortunately, I have no free ports left on the back of my Smart Hub, so not knowing what to do I just randomly experimented and connected the yellow cable into one of the free sockets on this Netgear hub and the light on the Hybrid Hub changed from flashing green to flashing blue to solid blue.

Would this be indicative that it is all connected now?


Thanks for reading.


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