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Having problems switching from SmartHub 2 to another router - help

Hi there,

I'm trying to switch from the SmartHub 2 to another router and I'm now scratching my head as to what to try next. Below are the details as to what's been going on so far.

My SmartHub 2 is taking broadband from a Master Socket 5C. It has also been set up to take phone calls. A handset was provided to me when a BT contracted engineer arrived to set my internet up.

I recently purchased a TP-Link AC2100 router because, amongst other reasons, I intended to use its OpenVPN support to put games consoles/Freeview recorder behind it - I don't have a 'permanently on desktop PC' - my only Windows machine is a laptop and my phone isn't on 24/7 either.

Since then I have tried to set up the AC2100, first through connecting it directly to the Master Socket (which didn't work, no internet access). This morning I have tried to set up the AC2100 in wireless router mode, with it connected to the SmartHub's WAN port. No success there either.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Is the SmartHub being set up to take phone calls and internet the problem? I'm struggling and it's been years since I've done network/router setup other than setting up branded ISP supplied routers.



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Re: Having problems switching from SmartHub 2 to another router - help

First of all if you have Digital Voice you will need to use the Smart Hub2 to provide the service.

If you connect the TP Link in DSL modem/router mode to the master socket (and thus forgo DV) you need to configure the PPPoE credentials with the generic username of and password BT.

If you set it up as Wireless Router mode, you need to connect to a LAN port on the hub, not WAN port.

You then need to give the TP LInk a WAN address of and Gateway and set the LAN subnet in the 192.168.2.XXX range.


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