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Help! New BT customer, but BT internet connection keeps dropping even with LAN.

I’m new to BT since March, signed up to their 300mb package. Speed test is good but the connection is not stable. It keeps on dropping and reconnecting by itself even when connected via LAN which is weird.

When it disconnect while I’m on MS Teams call, people see me as offline but I can see and hear them, with no issue. Only sign that it has disconnected is browser says problem with connection and ask you to check.

Called BT and did the usual, physical factory reset, power off and restart, call BT and they did a reset and restart on their side. They say they can’t see any issue on their side and kept on promoting BT Complete. When I said this happens even when using LAN and not Wi-Fi they kept on saying BT complete could solve it and is the only route. Makes one think whether this is their way of selling you to BT complete…

any suggestions on how to fix this before I get fired from work? Previously was with Virgin and had no such issue.






Can anyone suggest a resolution please.

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Re: Help! New BT customer, but BT internet connection keeps dropping even with LAN.

do the lights on hub or ONT change colour when problem starts?  when you did a factory reset did you hold recessed button on back for 20/30 secs until hub light flashed?  have you also tried turning off the ONT wait 5 min and then power back up?

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Re: Help! New BT customer, but BT internet connection keeps dropping even with LAN.

If you continue to hear and see the members of a team call , it’s just you that they cannot see or hear you , then your connection isn’t dropping, how can it be if you continue to see them ? 

The connected by WiFi or Ethernet in this instance is likely to be irrelevant, you need to see if this happens with any other devices , or it’s just your ( presumably ) PC/laptop and Teams application…it may not be anything to do with BT or Openreach, even if you didn’t have this problem with a different provider.

As stated you need to check the status of your ONT and router while this problem is occurring, but the chances are they will not show anything other than a normal connection….factory reset of the router can’t hurt as something to try though .

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